May 28th, 2013

Dear Esther Joins Humble Indie Bundle 8!


We’re excited to announce that the 8th Humble Indie Bundle is live with a plethora of awesome Indie games which including Hotline Miami, Proteus, Awesomenauts, Little inferno, Thomas was alone, Capsized and of course Dear Esther!

Humble bundle lets you pay what you want, support charity and play cross-platform, DRM-free games. 


We’re also super excited to be finally launching the Linux port of Dear Esther along with the bundle. Our Linux build is currently a work in progress and we will be working to improve in the coming days. Initially, it will only be available via the Humble Store but we will also be giving out Steam keys with each bundle so that, when it’s ready, you will also be able to download it via Steam.

Bonus materials

Also included in the bundle are the music tracks to every game, including Jessica Curry’s award winning soundtrack! 

  [pageview url=”” width=”410″ height=”150px” border=”no”] It’s an amazing deal with amazing games, so don’t miss out, go grab your Humble Indie Bundle now