February 15th, 2012

Dear Esther Profitable in Under 6 Hours!

Press Release: “Experimental indie game pays off financial backing in just five and a half hours, selling more than 16,000 units on day one”

“Experimental indie game Dear Esther recouped its financial backing from Indie Fund in just five and a half hours, soaring to the top of Steam’s sales charts in the process.

thechineseroom and Robert Briscoe’s first-person walk-’em-up released yesterday to critical acclaim, picking up glowing reviews from the likes of Edge, IGN, Eurogamer and PC Gamer.

Less than 24 hours after its release, Dear Esther has already sold over 16,000 units on Steam.”

This is a copy of a press release we’ve just issued - Yes, that’s over 16,000 units. Which is amazing. Thanks to everyone who bought the game! We’re running about like crazy people right now, aware that there’s a lot of questions coming in from fans. Like – is a Steam forum coming (YES! – Watch this space); will the soundtrack be available on Flac (PROBABLY) and are translations coming (YES – as fast as we can do it). We’ll keep updating as the dust settles.


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