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Concept Art

 Concept Art By Ben Andrews


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  • kickme22

    Wow. Just wow. (Oh and I will be buying this when it comes out ;-D)

  • yaznee

    Its scary how good that looks :)

  • RoMeJo

    Stunning visuals there. Think this “interactive story” will be as compelling as exploring Myst was (without the puzzle elements obviously)if not more so. If you create more games like this possibly with puzzle/adventure concepts intertwined into the environment and story, you could corner the adventure game market. Or maybe create your own genre. Interactive story telling thru the exploring of a world is definitely an intriguing concept.

    It is obvious you have a great eye for creating atmospheres in which adventure gamers love to explore. Can’t wait for Dear Esther to arrive. I think it may be your first real step into a long game production career.

  • Wasserstern

    This looks epic… just epic.

    I reeeaaly want this!

  • Strong visuals, almost scary to imagine Half Life 2 in such an atmosphere. The color grading, the lighting, I am sold by this. You have me as a buyer, I am following your work for a while already, keep it up man!!
    Looking at these screens and trailers, I want to go there and explore it all!

  • FabioBento

    the artwork is simply marvelous… I mean, try listnening to the Deosexcerpt in the download section while scrolling through the pics. This remake will be brilliant journey.

  • nblackburn

    My word, that trailer really is something special. You have captured the atmosphere so well that it puts other games to shame, i am blown away by the worlds beauty and have seen nothing quite as magical as this for such a long time. This really does look promising.

  • FabioBento

    counting the days to the launch…

  • Brennoncsk95

    The work you’re doing here is absolutely incredible. Having around 8 years of hammer editor experience under my belt, I can appreciate the level of detail that you’re putting into this game. The displacements, first of all, are nothing short of incredible. The way you’ve integrated blended, animated, and 3-D textures is creative and inventive to say the least. It looks like your team’s even imported custom skybox textures and your sun settings are well done. To have created your own storyline and your own sounds for the game is going above and beyond excellent, it brings forth emotions and a witty intellectual aspect to the game that’s practically unheard of in other modern projects. This entire thing is undoubtedly a work of art. My opinion may not mean much, but I commend you and the work that your team has done for the development of this game and I am sitting on the edge of my seat awaiting the release; your hard work will not go unnoticed.

    If at all possible I would be more than happy to help with the storyline. I have more than enough experience with college level writing and beyond, and if I could assist your team in any way possible it would be an honor.


  • prince_vlad

    exquisit ! I can’t wait to buy it. Here in Romania people already know about this game and our community already loves it. I hope its released will bring you fame, satisfaction and the will to do a sequel. Good luck!

  • PirateKing

    This is one of my favourite games now! I just bought it like literally today and can’t stop playing, everything, from the music, storyline, graphics, and overall gameplay is just stunning. Honestly, this is very cheap for such a great quality product. I’m alright for paying $30 for this game, just amazing. Thank you for this game :)

  • Epifire

    Great looking game. I have been following this for some time now, and this is always the work I boast about to friends when they say the Source engine ins’t capable. It’s teams like you guys that prove them wrong.

    Thanks for such great work guys.

  • creatvt2005

    OOh! I am a student of architecture, and never have I found more composure in a landscape. the geography speaks it all. you should have trimmed the narration a little more, that would’ve strengthened the groove. My thesis is on virtual reality and new media, and I am considering this game as a prototype case-study. IF YOU DO NOT CONTINUE THIS, YOU BETTER GO TO THE ISLAND YOURSELVES! HALLELUJAH! (okay, the strings were a little loud and the narrator needs to be more believable, he sounds casual)

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