Get the Steam-Free Version of Dear Esther here:

 Windows XP/Vista/7/OS X 10.6.7 *

Get Dear Esther On Steam:

 Windows XP/Vista/7/OS X 10.6.7*

The Steam version of Dear Esther allows you to upload your saved games and settings to the Cloud as well as your screenshots and share them with your friends through Steam, all whilst in-game via the Steam-overlay interface!

Click here to visit the Steam Store and Try Dear Esther for yourself!

*Please be sure to check the Minimum/Maxiumum Specifications before downloading.


Currently Available On:

 Windows XP/Vista/7
 Macintosh OS X 10.6.7


Languages Packs Currently
Available For Download:

 German  Italian  Spanish  Russian
 Turkish  Portuguese  Bulgarian
 Brazillian Portuguese  Hungarian  Serbian
 Czech  Simplified Chinese  Polish
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